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Saturday, December 29, 2018

SAAYAD | Nepali Full Movie 2015

SAAYAD | Nepali Full Movie | Jharana Thapa | Karishma Manandhar | Babu Bogati | Suraj Subba 

Saayad is the story of two generations living together, but experiencing the world in very different ways. Whereas the influence of a sincere, hardworking friend transforms the lives of a group of friends for the better, the arrogance of, and lack of guidance for the newer generation sets another group of friends on a track of drugs, death and destruction. The generational clash reveals how moral authority has become corrupted in Nepali society, and how the alienation of the younger generation is pushing them to anarchy. Acclaimed writer-director Suraj Subba 'Nalbo' has crafted a powerful coming-of-age moral tale, touching upon the dreams and heartbreaks of the young, and the improbable responsibilities of the more mature generations. Saayad is a rare gem in Nepali cinema.

Hostel | anmol kc Nepali movie

"Hostel":Nepali Movie | Anmol KC |Prakriti Shrestha|Salon Basnet | Gaurav pahadi |

Movie Hostel Is based On Lifestyle Of Every Hostler. Where Parents Take Their Ward To Hostel. Where Their Ward Gets Spoiled Because Of Not Having Proper Guidence. Movie Hostel Is Based On The Same Story. And The Movie Goes On With Many Burdens And obstacles. This Movie Gives A Good Knowledge To The New Generations ________________________________________­_________ Title:Nepali Movie:HOSTEL Movie:HOSTEL Director:Hem Raj BC Producer: Sunil Rawal Banner: Durgish Films Cast: Anmol KC Prakriti Shrestha Salon Basnet Sunil Rawal Gaurav Pahadi B.S Rana Production Manager: Yam Parsad Oli

Friday, December 28, 2018

Wagah Hindi Dubbed movie watch online

The movie begins with the news announcement of the decapitation of two BSF jawans by the Pakistan Army and a third jawan Vasu (Vikram Prabhu) missing. The scene then shifts to a Pakistan Army base where a wounded Vasu is held prisoner. He narrates the events leading to his imprisonment. Vasu, who is from a small town in Tamil Nadu, joined the BSF after his graduation to avoid working in his father's (Raj Kapoor) provision store and was posted at the India-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir. One day, he encountered a young Kashmiri Muslim girl Khanum (Ranya Rao) and immediately got attracted to her. After some days, Khanum reciprocated Vasu's feelings, but sadly walked away when Vasu asked her to marry him. The next morning, two jawans were decapitated by the Pakistan Army (which was reported at the beginning of the film), forcing all Pakistanis in Kashmir to return to Pakistan due to rising anti-Pakistan sentiment. Vasu, who was tasked with the responsibility to ensure that all Pakistanis returned safely, was shocked when he found out that Khanum is a Pakistani from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, who had come to India to visit her grandfather. Later, the bus in which Khanum was travelling was burnt by protestors just a few kilometres from the border, however Khanum managed to survive. Vasu took her to her home in PoK safely via an unguarded border crossing, but was soon caught by the Pakistan Army for infiltrating into their country and imprisoned. In the present day, Vasu finds out that along with him, twenty-three other BSF jawans are held prisoner by the Pakistan Army. One day, he is made to fight one of the imprisoned BSF jawans (Ajay Rathnam). He manages to defeat the jawan, but is then taken to a nearby cliff by the Pakistan Army to be shot. However, a sympathetic Pakistan Army officer, whose daughter's illness was successfully treated by Indian doctors, secretly allows him to escape. Vasu goes to Khanum's village, where he witnesses Khanum's family being killed by a cruel anti-Indian Pakistan Army commander Razzaq Ali Khan (Shaji Chaudhary), who feels that Khanum is a traitor for loving the Indian Vasu. Vasu rescues Khanum and both of them leave for the Indian border, with Razzaq and the Pakistan Army in pursuit. He manages to subdue the armymen as well as Razzaq, but chooses not to kill Razzaq. Razzaq, while accepting defeat, reveals that his opinion of India and Indians will not change. At this, Vasu forcefully replies that despite being an Indian, he does not hate Pakistan and Pakistanis and that the misguided hatred between the two countries only aggravates the India-Pakistan conflict. The movie ends with Vasu revealing the presence of the twenty-three jawans in Pakistan and ensuring their freedom, for which he is honoured by the President as well as the Prime Minister of India.

NAGBELI | Nepali Full Movie 2016 watch online

NAGBELI | Nepali Full Movie | Dayahang Rai | Harshika Shrestha | Nir Shah

New Nepali Movie – NAGBELI Cast – Dayahang Rai, Harshika Shrestha, Nir Shah, Vicky Malla, Saurabhi Jain, Sambhav Shrestha, Rupa Rana, C.P. Poudel Cinematography – Ram Sharan Upreti Story – Dipendra Lama Screenplay – Dipendra Lama Dialogue – Dipendra Lama Producer – Romiyan Limbu (Chemjong) Director – Govinda Rai

PASHUPATI PRASAD - Superhit Nepali Full Movie 2016

PASHUPATI PRASAD - Superhit Nepali Full Movie Ft. Khagendra Lamichhane, Barsha Shiwako


Starring: Khagendra lamichhane, Barsha Shiwakoti, Bipin Karki, Prakash Ghimire, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Mishree Thapa, Ashish Adhikari, Jack Shrestha Music: Hari Lamsal Action: Surya Thokar Cinematographer: Nijaj Kadel Editor: Dirgha Khadka Executive Producer: Rojina Sitaula Co-Producer: Arjun Karki (swami), Ashis Adhikari Producer: Rajana Napit Writer: Khagendra Lamichhane Story/Direction: Dipendra K. Khanal

Super Hit Nepali comedy movie pashupati prasad watch online here

SAAYAD 2 | New Nepali Full Movie 2018 watch online

SAAYAD 2 | New Nepali Full Movie 2018/2075 | Sushil Shrestha, Sharon Shrestha, Amrit Dhungana
New Nepali Movie: Saayad 2 Starring: Sushil Shrestha, Sharon Shrestha, Amrit Dhungana, Kushal Pandey, Sunil Rawal, Sushil Sitaula, Nisha Karki, Rubina Shrestha, Buddhi Lal Magar Written & Directed by Pussparaj T Neupane Producers: Sunil Rawal, Ishwor Shrestha, Suvash Lamichane Co-produced by Hem Dev Gautam, Krishna Pradhan Story by Sunil Rawal Dialogue: Kedar Bhusal Chief AD: Dinesh Rawat, Kedar Bhusal AD: Dilip Bhandari Production Designer: Buddhi Lal Magar Brand Manager: Atul Raj Mainali Drone Operator: Hari Tiwari Constume Designer: Sweta Acharya Poster Designer: Swapnil Acharya Costume Provide by LVD Jeans Costume Styles: Sujan Pariyar, Ranjeet Chettri VFX: Glaze Entertainment Choreographer: Govinda Rai, Vikram Swar Action: Asta Maharjan Art Director: Pasang Lama Sound Design: Uttam Neupane Backgroung Score: Imam Bikram Shah Colorist: Rajendra Moktan Edited by Dirgha Khadka Cinematographer: Raju Bikram Thapa Production Management/Designer: Buddhi Lal Magar

Tabletop |south india hindi dubbed movie 2018 | online watch

Tabletop (2018) | South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movie 2018 | New Movie 2018 | South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2018 New Prabhu (Siddharth) and his friends discuss the route from Bangalore to Chennai and plan to kidnap Rithika (Ashrita Shetty). Meanwhile, her father Avinash Gowda (Avinash) appoints encounter specialist ACP Manoj Menon IPS (Kay Kay Menon), who questions Rithika's male friend Deepak (Deepak) about Prabhu. The guy claims that Prabhu is a drug addict and was always trying to woo Rithika, who started to avoid him because of Prabhu. After that the plot continues when Manoj tries to track Prabhu and his friends.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Story of Raute People of Nepal

Raute are a nomadic indigenous ethnic group officially recognized by the Government of Nepal. They are known for subsistence hunting of langur and macaque monkeys. They gather wild forest tubers, fruits, and greens on a regular basis. To obtain grain, iron, cloth, and jewelry, they carve wooden bowls and boxes to trade for goods from local farmers. They do not sell other forest products, bushmeat, or forest medicinal plants. Their population is estimated at about 650 people living in small settlements in the regions of western Nepal. Most have been forcibly settled by the government of Nepal but there are about 150 nomadic Raute.
Stories of the last group of a nomad community in Nepal known as 'Raute'

Raute are a nomadic ethnic group officially recognized by the Government of Nepal.
They are known especially for their hunting of langur and macaque monkeys for
Raute community in Nepal : They also gather wild forest tubers, fruits and greens on a regular basis.
To obtain grain, iron, cloth they trade handmade wooden bowls and boxes to local
Actual and total Population of Raute in Nepal is unknown. But their home are the thick hilly forest of Dailekh, Jajarkot, Surkhet, Salyan, Kalikot, Achham, Jumla, Makwanpur, Darchula, Baitadi district.

Raute Culture in Nepal : Their leader is named as ‘Manbahadur’.
All most compulsorily follow the order of the leader.
If any one die in this group, the deadbody is clothed and buried, in the net of killing monkeys with property or burnt in their hut and migrate to another place.
The Raute are also known as Banraja, raji, Banrawal, Banmanche, Rautya, etc.
The Rautes do Nagpuja, Masto Bhairab Puja and Puja of nature.
In this ethnic group, the tradition of not doing agriculture, not making permanent settlement and not touching money prevails.
The not touching money tradition is changing these days.
Rautes emphasize that they wish to remain full-time foragers and not assimilate into the surrounding fanning population.

GHAMPANI 2018 Nepali Movie Watch online |Dayahang Rai

New Nepali Full Movie 2018 - GHAMPANI | Dayahang Rai | Keki Adhikari | Ankeet Khadka Highlights Nepal Presents! A Cinema Art Production in Association with Torch Light Productions and Aslesha Entertainment New Nepali Movie: GHAMPANI Starring: Dayahang Rai, Keki Adhikari, Ankeet Khadka, Silsa Jirel, Prakash Ghimire, Puskar Gurung, Buddhi Tamang, Kabita Ale, Aruna Karki, Amogh Pokharel Director of Photography: Shailendra D Karki Editor: Nimesh Shrestha Music: Kali Prasad Baskota, Chandra Kumar Dong Co-producer: Arjun Karki, Maniram Pokharel Producers: Om Gurung, Om Chand Rauniyar, Shailendra Karki, Bishow Gauchan Executive Producer: Ram Babu Gurung

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Angel |2018 south india movie |hindi dubbed watch online

South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie 2018 New (New Hindi Action Movies 2018, South Movie 2018, New Movies 2018) "ANGEL" starring Hebah Patel & Naga Anvesh. Exclusively on AD-WISE MEDIA ACTION MOVIEPLEX.
Nani (Nag Anvesh) is a small-time smuggler who comes across a holy angel called Nakshatra (Hebah Patel). As time passes by, Nani and Nakshatra fall deep in love and start spending quality time with each other. This is also the time when Nakshatra’s dad gets upset with her and sends a special person (Kabir Singh) to bring her back to their fantasy world. What will Nakshatra do now? Will she go back to the place where she came from? How will she convince everyone about her existence? That forms the rest of the story.

Mero Best Friend |Nepali movie of 2017 |watch online

New Nepali Movie - " Mero Best Friend " Full Movie || Priyanka Karki, Keki Adhikari, Pooja Sharma|| Latest Movie 2017 Ashabadi Films Presents Nepali Movie : "Mero Best Friend" Direction: Prasanna Poudyal Producer : Prajita Bajcharya Casts: Resh Marahatta, Priyanka Karki, Keki Adhikari, Pooja Sharma, Diwas Upreti... Story / Screenplay : Achyut Adhikari Music : Sugam Pokhrel, Rajanraj Shivakoti, Ashusen Lama, Pramod Kharel Lyrics : Bhupendra Khadka, Harihar Acharya, Ahsusen Lama Production Designer : Ananta Timalsina Action : Himal K.C Editor : Surendra Poudel Cinematography : Bidur Pandey

Rani |Nepali movie 2018 watch online

'Rani' is a love-triangle movie, starring Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi, Anoop Bikram Shahi, and debut actors Manish Sundar Shrestha and Saruk Tamrakar . Starring: Anoop Bikram Shahi, Malina Joshi, Saruk Tamrakar, Manish Sundar Shrestha,kalpana Chhetri , Sushan Khadka Presentation: Bhanu Maharjan Director: Dayaram Dahal Camera: Purushottam Pradhan, Man Krishna Maharjan, Sisan Baniya Writer: Yam Thapa Music: Vijay Ghimire, Nikhita Thapa Choreographer: Babbu Thapa, Shishir Khati Co-Producer : Rishiraj Luitel Ramji Poudel Producer : Bhanu Mahaerjan Producer: Bimal Man Gubhaju Editor: Arjan G.C Production Design: Bikash Pandit Distribution: Sunil Manandhar Color Grading: Ananta Ghimire Background Scoring: Alish Karki Arranger: Brijesh Shrestha Mixing: Amit Shrestha RANI | New Nepali Movie Full Nepali Movie

1971 Beyond Borders |South indian movie 2018

After saving a Pakistani commander's life during a UN mission, Colonel Mahadevan reveals that his father Brigadier Sahadevan had killed the commander's father during the 1971 India-Pakistan War. Movie : 1971: Beyond Borders Directed by : Major Ravi Starring : Mohanlal ,Arunoday Singh, Allu Sirish Music by Siddharth Vipin Najim Arshad Rahul Subramanian Gopi Sunder (Score)

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